When to See an ENT Specialist: Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

ENT Specialist

Detecting physical problems in your body can be a hit or a miss, especially when it comes to health issues related to ears, nose or throat. People usually ignore symptoms of discomfort to these senses as common colds and dismiss them as harmless. Since ENT troubles don’t pose much permanent risk to bodily health, we do not feel the need to visit a specialist often. But if ignored for a lengthy period of time, these symptoms can grow to pose serious conditions or cause complete loss of function. In this blog, we have discussed some of the major symptoms to pay attention to and visit an ENT specialist for:

Breathing Difficulty:

Breathing issues may be symptoms of undiagnosed issues. These difficulties usually occur due to nasal passage irritation or inflamed tissues occurring because of conditions like Fungal sinusitis, chest infection, asthma or tuberculosis.

Balance Problems or Dizziness:

Many of us have experienced lightheadedness or dizziness from time to time. Considering the many reasons behind a spell of dizziness, it is no surprise that people may ignore the early signs. Though harmless by itself, the condition can cause dangerous falls and accidents, especially in the elderly.

Hearing Loss:

If you are experiencing hearing loss of any kind, partial or gradual, it is the prime time to visit an otolaryngologist as it can lead to permanent loss of a crucial sense organ.

Persistent Cough:

If you have had a persistent cough for longer than 3 weeks, we recommend that you visit an ENT specialist as it could be conditions like pharyngitis or even lung cancer.

Facial Pains/Headaches:

One of the most serious signs of an ENT condition is headaches or unexplained facial pains. It requires immediate attention from a specialist for a possible range of conditions from migraine up to neurological diseases.

Ringing Ears:

Ringing ears or tinnitus can be an effect of loud sounds or similar events. But if experiencing tinnitus suddenly or for a long period of time then it is cause for worry. As one of the best ent hospital in nagercoil, we offer intensive and particulate care in such cases to help rule out hearing loss and treat the signs accordingly.

Frequent Nasal Blockage:

While nasal blockages are a common part of our lives, continuous or frequent nasal congestion is unnatural and must be checked out properly by a specialist. It may be a sign of underlying health conditions like infection or certain allergies.

As ENT signs are not vividly apparent, patients often ignore them until the going gets difficult for routine life. Hence, it is recommended that you visit an ENT doctor who can prevent further deterioration.  

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