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The Centre of Excellence for Nephro-Urosciences at Ponjesly super speciality Hospital is recognized as a stellar medical and surgical facility catering to the treatment of all disorders related to the kidneys and urinary tract. Merging Nephrology and Urology, this fusion of disciplines allows us to better serve patients in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney diseases and all aspects of urology.

People visit Ponjesly hospital for a wide range of conditions, including glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease and difficult cases of blood pressure. Ponjesly hospital highly ranked team of kidney and urology specialists take the time to deliver an accurate diagnosis, which is where successful treatments come to play. We focus on discovering innovative treatment approaches that improve patient outcomes and quality of life. All the procedures conducted here are marked by excellent pre-and post-operative care to ensure the speedy recovery of our patients with minimized chances of infection. Some of the special radiographic investigations include Multichannel Urodynamics, TRUS-guided Prostate Biopsy, and RGU/MCU/IVU – types of Urethrography.

At the department, we house the best infrastructure with a cutting-edge Dialysis division that includes ICU Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, sustained low-efficiency Dialysis, and Plasmapheresis to provide our patients with the best treatments and service experiences.


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